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Sleep and Indica

Sleep and Indica

The effects of cannabis on your sleep vary widely depending on the user, the strain, the dose and environmental factors. But the part of its influence is always the same: Marijuana influences the body’s system,  which is a complex network of receptors sensitive to chemical compounds found in the drug.

It has been seen in  many people that if they smoke an indica type cannabis or eat indica edibles before bed they will fall asleep or feel more relaxed and be able to fall asleep easier.

The complex system in the body mitigates our stress and anxiety responses — you may have noticed that it’s hard to fall asleep if you’re not relaxed — and new research suggests that cannabis that affects this body system can directly promote sleep.

For now, though, marijuana is the only medicine that makes use of this fascinating part of our anatomy. And we’re just beginning to understand the subtleties of how its cannabinoids can modify our nightly rest.  More studies are needed.